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Our History

Greetings  from Ukraine!


A group of like-minded people created Luxpromgaz in 2014.

We started the fuel sales business through our network of gas stations, constantly improving, offering customers the highest quality fuel and services.


Our journey started with several small gas stations, we worked hard, and currently the company has more than 40 gas stations, 300 qualified employees, in different parts of Ukraine, who will help you solve all your problems when traveling: fill up your car with high-quality fuel, relax and enjoy a fragrant coffee or a delicious snack, buy the necessary small things on the road. Our passion for improvement inspired us from the very beginning and continues to move us forward today.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we continue to provide fuel to our customers, despite the difficulties and lack of resources.

We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers - refueling vehicles for free - this is our contribution to the Victory of Ukraine.

Our clients include public transport companies, emergency medical services, and public transport.


With faith in a better future and Victory.

Glory to Ukraine!

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Number of gas stations

Our network includes 47 gas stations where you can fill up your car with high-quality fuel, buy the necessary things on the road and eat a delicious hot dog and grab a coffee to go.


Employee quantity

More than three hundred highly qualified employees work daily to provide our customers with round-the-clock and high-quality service at our gas stations.

500 000 

Number of clients per month

Every month, more than 500,000 customers visit our stations and prefer our high-quality and affordable fuel. Every second customer returns to our gas station again.

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